Physical Therapy

At Infinity of Care, we only work with skilled and proven physical therapists. And when it comes to treatment, all procedures are performed by highest standards.

Every single patient that walks through our doors can expect to find relief from his or her pain and dysfunction. Our goal is to achieve the best results possible on each and every occasion. Your health is our number one priority.

Our 20+ years of proven experience helping hundreds of patients means that we can assist with even the most difficult problems. We never use cookie cutter approaches, and always cater to the unique problems and needs of our patients. By providing patients with highly customized treatment solutions, the Infinity of Care team consistently achieves impressive results. In the process, we successfully help patients find relief from their pain.

Treatment conditions include:

Achilles tendinitis
ACL/ PCL reconstruction
Adaptive equipment evaluation and recommendation
Back/ neck pain
Balance disorders
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Degenerative disc disease neck or back
Fall prevention
GT/ hip bursitis
Instruction in home program
Issuance of home exercise equipment
Joint replacements
Neck whiplash injuries
Patello-femoral pain syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Post immobilization therapy after fracture
Post-Surgical/ Non-surgical repair of meniscus tears
Post-Surgical rehabilitation
Rotator cuff injuries
Sprained ankles and knees
Tennis/ golf elbow

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to our patients, we go the extra mile. That means we can provide comprehensive home exercise programs and constant functional progression as well.


These are some of the machines, that along with other medical equipment, are used for physical therapy and rehabilitation: